We carry a wide range of coins to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Each coin is handpicked for even color and free of distracting marks. Lists will continue to be sent out each month. Just send us your name and address in the Contact Us section on the left menu. When we buy back a coin, it will be at the grade you bought it from the list (and at 75%-85% or more of the price).

Coin Grading

      Coins are accurately graded based on ANA/PCGS grading standards and Ken's many years of experience. A fine Indian Cent will have a full liberty. A VF Buffalo Nickel will have a full horn - right side curves to tip - unless noted. A VG WLHalf will have full rims and a VF speciment will have a full breast line. "Full rims" means there is a gray field between the letters and the rims. A "sharp/bold" notation is stronger than a "full" notation.

      The descriptions on each coin are a suppliment to the ANA Grading Guide. Have the ANA Grading Guide for reference and note the additional details described, so you can visualize the coin. Unless noted, each coin is of above average quality (excellent color and mark free).

      We pay 85% of the selling price my key dates. We pay about 75% for other coins over $100 each and 50-70% for coins under $100 - depending on the popularity of the series. Contact us for more information.